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Since you're curious :)

I've spent most of my life between Colombia, Spain and the UK. Now, I'm currently living in Sydney, Australia. I graduated with honours as a Psychologist from the University of East London and have a bit of an obsession with honey.

I can list all the programs, systems and skills you would like me to know by heart. I feel it would be more useful  to show you I can learn quick, adapt fast and find the other side of a problem when there are no seemable options.

Currently working on

Framer • Spline • Motion Design • 3D Animation • Advanced Prototyping • Pen tool wizardry • Javascript 

Sewing has quickly become my secret affair • making bao buns not such a secret one

What I'm good at

User Experience Design • User Interface Design • Wireframing • Prototyping • Design Audits • User Testing • Workshop facilitation • Agile methodologies • Engaging Storytelling


Figma • Webflow • Wix • Miro • Jira • Trello • HTML • CSS • Mendix • Low Code Technologies


BSc Psychology

University of East London, England



UX Designer, 2023 • Present


Software Engineer, 2022


UX Consultant, 2020 • 2022

University of East London

Research Assistant, 2019 • 2020

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